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Can we just talk how awesome God is!

The power of prayer, works every-time.


This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. These (mostly white) people are taking pictures of her like a zoo animal. Staring, shooting, then judging. This is a rendering of the modern Hottentot Venus experience.

It shows how Black women’s bodies are still commidified, envied, then rated inferior to historically traditional, feminine, “right” white women’s bodies. And how Black women’s natural expression and respect for their beauty is seen as putting themselves on a platter of some sorts, for other people’s ridicule or consumption.

Because notice what happens here: Most white men stare and take pictures (for their own use later). White women stare, take pictures (for their own judgement later), and literally every one of them turns away with that same look: arms crossed, lips pursed, trying to be incognito. It’s a jealously tinged with, no, based on hate. 

Just because racism looks different from history doesn’t mean it has changed.

Woow…this is New York too! America’s freaking melting pot…..this is so sick. Like this is why I feel the way I do toward ppl who well ain’t black.

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Steve Biko was a pioneering anti-apartheid activist and founder of the Black Conscious Movement. His writing and activism inspired, empowered and mobilised South Africa’s black population in the fight against minority rule. 

Black Consciousness as defined by South African Students Organization (SASO) in 1972:

ii. the basic tenet of Black Consciousness is that the Black man must reject all value systems that seek to make him a foreigner in the country of his birth and reduce his basic human dignity

iii. The Black man must build up his own value systems, see himself as self-defined and not defined by others

iv. The concept of Black Consciousness implies the awareness by the Black people of power they wield as a group, both economically and politically and hence group cohesion and solidarity are important facets of Black Consciousness

On this day 36 years ago - September 12 1977 - Biko was killed by the apartheid state - dying, like many black South Africans, in police custody. Biko’s activism and thought have continued to inspire and influence people and politics around the world.

Click through the images above for captions - and through the Steve Biko Online Archive

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